Purple Sun Personal Training
Training is the fastest way to reach your fitness goals. Our certified personal trainers provide guidance and inspiration with customized programs based on your goals. Whether you want to lose weight and keep it off, build lean muscle, or just look and feel better in the clothes you’re in, your Personal Trainer will take the guesswork out of how to get there Continue reading
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Purple Sun Nutritional Coaching
How many of us spend hours in the gym but are seeing little results? The key to getting results is having the proper nutrition! I offer not a diet, but a Continue reading
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  • Personal training v2

    Customized Training

    Customized Training For Each individual Client, focus is on strengthening a person’s weaknesses.
    High Intensity

    High Intesity

    High-intensity, fast paced sessions that keep a client’s heart rate elevated the whole time
    Lifestyle v2

    Tailored to Your Lifestyle

    Not a Diet, its a lifestyle plan.
    nutrition v2

    Customized Nutrition

    Customized plan for each individual client based on their dietary preferences
  • Client Portfolio


    amy_mayas I met Lauren while preparing for my first bikini competition. Even before I was directly working with her, she was encouraging me throughout…

    Making the commitment to change your life and begin a healthy one is a very difficult one. I have lived the struggle it takes to break life-long bad habits of eating poorly and not reaching any of the goals I set for myself. I have learned how to overcome the hardships and I am here to share my story and help others reach their goals.